All the elements used in the game reflect DVSA theory test material with lots of fun elements and situations that make game stimulating & exciting yet create factual awareness about the rules as rules are especially related with realistic locations.

  • Realistic locations divided into zones 1 – 6
  • Every square/box on the board holds information of each chapter leading to a related consequence (penalties, warnings & progression bonuses).
  • The significant benefit of this board game is to learn theory test while play and is focused on understanding rules & regulations by practically playing the game.
  • Penalties and warnings used in the game depicts the seriousness of the traffic rules hence creating a cautious approach towards learning among young drivers.
  • Play money is used as a motivational element to keep game interesting as player gain or lose money throughout the game.
  • Kindly refer to "Rule Book" provided with the game for detailed information and process of the game.
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